This setting is based on the plainchant Mass I which is marked to be sung in the Easter Season. I have taken the chant and simplified it so that the English text can be sung to it. – but I hope that it retains some of the essence of the chant. Lux et origo is quite a simple chant with the same melody used throughout the Lamb of God and Sanctus built on the repetition of phrases. I have taken different approaches to notation of the time signature. In the Penitential Act the pulse is a consistent compound time with bars of 6/8 and 9/8 – which are not shown. In the Eucharistic Acclamations the bars equal the phrases of the text and so are of variable length – and the time signatures are shown.  The Gloria follows the pattern of the Eucharistic Acclamations with the bars contain a phrase of text. The Lamb of God has the time signatures shown – which may look complicated at first but the natural rhythm of the words and music will help it flow. In the Lamb of God I have also included the Latin chant which some choirs may wish to incorporate as, for example, the first invocation.

The setting is for congregation, cantor, choir (optional SAB or SSA in Gloria) and keyboard.

The setting has been approved for publication by the Department for Christian Life and Worship.

 Lux et Origo Mass

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