Published Music

Psalms & Canticle

Ps 18 (19) – Lord, you have the message (Re)

Ps 22 (23) – The Lord is my shepherd (D8)

Ps 30 (31) – Father into your hands Good Friday (Re, D8, PbtC, OCP8)

Ps 71 (72) – All nations, O Lord Epiphany (VE)

Ps 95 (96) – All the ends of the earth Christmas Day (VE)

Ps 109 (110) – Our Saviour sits (CSEP)

Ps 145 (146) – Come, Lord and save us (VE)

Ps 147 – The Word Was Made Flesh (VE)

Exodus 15 – I will sing to the Lord (D8)

Luke 2 – Song of Simeon (Can)

1 Peter – By his wounds (Ld)

Revelation 19 – Alleluia! Salvation, glory and power (CSEP)

Mass Parts

Lent Gospel Acclamation (Ld, Re, D8)

(Nores) Lamb of God (Ld2)

Lamb of God 1 (Can, LP)

Liturgical Year

The Exsultet – simple chant (ReS, D8)

Springs of Water (ReS)

Other Pieces

Amen, amen (Can, D8)

Christ has no hands but ours (Ld2, RSCM)

Christ in our joys (Can)

Come back to God – Lent Entrance song (Can, D8)

Come Christ’s Beloved – Communion processional song (D8, OCP8)

Come, Holy Spirit (Can)

Come, light of the world – round (Can)

Give peace in our time, O Lord – Intercessions (Can, D8, HPTR)

Let us go in peace (Can)

Longing, Trusting – Advent Entrance Song (or Jesus, Saviour) (Can, D8)

Love One Another (D8)

O Comfort My People – Hymn arrangement for choir and organ (D8)

Sing my soul – hymn version of Magnificat (Can, Ld2)

The Way of the Lord – Advent Processional Song (Can, D8)

We Adore You O Christ (Can, D8)


D8 – Decani Octavo

Can – Cantate (Decani)

CSEP – Celebrating Sunday Evening Prayer (Canterbury Press)

HPTR – Hear the prayers that rise (OCP)

LP – Lambeth praise (Canterbury Press)

Ld – Laudate (Decani)

Ld2 – Laudate 2nd edition (Decani)

OCP8 – OCP Octavo

PbtC – Praise be to Christ (OCP)

Re – Resurrexit (Decani)

ReS – Resurrexit Supplement

RSCM – RSCM Collection forthcoming

VE – Veni Emmanuel (Decani)