About Bear Music


Bear Music publishes liturgical music by Martin Foster. It is music which has been written for the liturgy and has been ‘tested’ in the liturgy. Often written for a particular situation and set of resources it is hoped that it will prove useful to other communities.

Much of the music has been first ‘tested’ at St Mary’s University Chapel, Twickenham where Martin is Director of Music and leads the music at the 11am Sunday Mass which is celebrated through the year. He writes a regular blog on what is sung Sunday by Sunday. His music has been performed in the UK, Ireland and US and a list of published music is available.

Martin is Director of the Liturgy Office of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. Prior to that he was a Parish Music Adviser in the diocese of Westminster and began his career working at the St Thomas More Centre for Pastoral Liturgy.

Requests for music which has not be placed on this site or other enquiries should use the Contact form.


The music on this site is available under a Creative Commons licence. You may copy it as needed. It must always be as acknowledged and you may not make any commercial gain from it with out further permission.

ICEL texts (Mass Parts & Antiphons) should also be acknowledged but may be reproduced for local use freely and without further permission. Permission will need to be sought if there is any commercial transaction.

Grail texts have been included on the understanding offered to other websites that they may be reproduced as long as no financial gain is involved.


Bear Music is included in the Calamus licence scheme.