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Music for the Liturgy

Psalms & Songs of Mercy

A collection of music for the Year of Mercy. Psalms settings and songs based on scripture inspired by Pope Francis’s Misercordiae Vultus.

New Setting

Music for Rites

Responsorial Psalms and Antiphons are available for:


Psalm settings for Sundays, Solemnities and Sacraments can be found here in a variety of styles. Simple settings are provided for the Common Psalms which include other settings where the same psalm occurs in the Lectionary.

The page includes a list of psalm settings and of Sundays etc.

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Here you will find settings of the Antiphons from the Roman Missal in English. There are simple settings for all the Sundays and major feasts where common musical ideas are repeated across a season.

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Mass Parts

At any Mass it is important to sing the Mass rather than just sing at Mass. Key to that principle is for the whole congregation to participate in the parts of the Mass: the Penitential Act, the Gloria, Gospel Acclamation, Eucharistic Acclamations (Sanctus, Memorial Acclamations and Amen), and Lamb of God.

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Other Music

Here will be found a variety of pieces which are not Mass Parts, Psalms or Antiphons. These includes songs with congregational refrains and pieces for choirs written for a variety of occasions. There are ‘short songs’ or chants which can be used in different circumstances. read more

Recent Additions

Comfort & Joy Acclamations

A set of Eucharistic Acclamations based on the carol God rest you merry gentlemen for the Christmas Season. The Acclamations are intended to be easy to pick up and possibly even bring a smile to some faces. The setting is arranged for unison voices (with an optional...


My soul glorifies the Lord. 3rd Sunday of Advent, Year B Luke 1: 46-50. 53-54. R. Is 61.10 — My soul rejoices in my God. Magnificat Ad3B (pdf) - psalm tone Magnificat b acc (pdf) - through setting Magnificat b r (pdf) Magnificat b full acc (pdf) a setting of the full...

Psalm 130 (131)

O Lord, my heart is not proud. 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A Psalm 130 (131) complete. R. — Keep my soul in peace before you, O Lord. Psalm 130-1 (pdf) Psalm 130-1 r (pdf) Psalm 130-2 (pdf)

Eternal Rest

A setting, in English, of Requiem Aeternam with verses from Psalm 64. The refrain can be sung on its own and recalls the Latin chant. It was written for annual celebration of Remembrance Sunday where the Roll of Honour is read out and the second half of the refrain is...

Psalm 85 (86)

Turn your ear, O Lord, and give answer 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A Psalm 85 (86): 5-6. 9-10. 15-16. r. 5 — O Lord, you are good and forgiving. Psalm 85 (pdf) Psalm 85 r (pdf)

Psalm 64 (65)

To you our praise is due in Sion, O God. 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A Psalm 64 (65):10–14. R. Luke 8:8 — Some seed fell into rich soil and produced its crop. Psalm 64 (pdf) Psalm 64 r (pdf) Other Settings Eternal rest