The hymn text by Horatius Bonar (1808–1889) has 3 verses the 2nd and 3rd of which can be read as referring to the Gospels of the 3rd and 4th Sundays of Lent in Year A – the Samaritan Woman and the Man born blind. These Sundays, together with the 5th, provide core texts for the RCIA, in particular the celebration of the Scrutinies. On the 5th Sunday the Gospel of the raising of Lazarus is read. For an RCIA Summer School a number of years ago I provided a 4th verse which follows the style of the hymn but draws on the images of the Gospel.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,
‘Believe and you shall live;

From power of death I set you free
New life to you I give.’
I came to Jesus and I knew
That he had set me free;
The stone was moved, the cloths unbound
And he shall live in me.

The hymn is commonly sung to Kingsfold.