The booklet for Triduum contains settings for the following days:


Maundy Thursday

EA We should glory in the Cross (6)

The Washing of Feet

A I After the Lord
A II The Lord Jesus
A III Lord, are you to wash my feet
A IV If I, your Lord and Master
A V This is how all will know
A VI I give you a new commandment
A VII Let faith, hope and charity

CA This is the Body (22)

Good Friday

The Showing of the Holy Cross

Behold the wood of the Cross

The Adoration of the Holy Cross

A We adore your Cross, O Lord (66)
The Reproaches I
The Reproaches II

C Psalm 21

Easter Vigil

Blessing of Water

Springs of water (Dan 3)

Sprinkling with Blessed Water

I saw water (Ezk 36)

CA Christ our Passover (117)

Acclamations (Behold the wood, Springs of water) are published with approval of the Department for Christian Life and Worship.