In Ordinary Time each booklet covers about 2 months of Sundays. Ordinary Time I covers the Sundays between Christmas and Lent. Because Easter is a moveable feast the last Sunday before Lent can be as early as the 5th Sunday or as late as the 9th Sunday. For a table showing the relationship between the date  and the Sunday of the Year see the Liturgy Office website.

Sundays in Ordinary Time have 2 Communion Antiphons. If there is a correspondence between the Antiphon and the Gospel of the day that one should be chosen. In Ordinary Time the texts of the Sunday are used on  the following weekdays.

The booklet for Ordinary Time I contains settings for the following days:

Ordinary Time I (Sundays 1–9)

First Week in Ordinary Time

EA Upon a lofty throne (102)
CA I With you, O Lord is the fountain of life (35)
CA II I have come that they may have life (15)

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA All the earth shall bow down (65)
CA I You have prepared a table for me (22)
CA II We come to know and believe (145)

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA O sing a new song to the Lord (95)
CA I Look towards the Lord and be radiant (33)
CA II I am the light of the world (111)

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA Save us, O Lord our God (121)
CA I Let your face shine on your servant (30)
CA II Blessed are the poor in spirit (36)

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA O come let us worship the Lord (94)
CA I Let them thank the Lord for his mercy (106)
CA II Blessed are those who mourn (36)

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA Be my protector, O God (30)
CA I They ate and had their fill (77)
CA II God so loved the world (102)

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA O Lord, I trust in your merciful love (12)
CA I I will recount all your wonders (9)
CA II Lord, I have come to believe (118)

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA The Lord became my protector (17)
CA I I will sing to the Lord (32)
CA II Behold, I am with you always (67)

Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

EA Turn to me (24)
CA I To you I call (16)
CA II Amen, I say to you (60)