The booklet for Easter contains settings for the following days:

Easter Season

Easter Sunday — Day

EA I I have risen (138)
EA II The Lord is truly risen (97)
CA Christ our Passover (65)

Second Sunday of Easter

EA I Like newborn infants (80)
EA II Receive the joy of your glory (96)
CA Bring your hand (29)

Third Sunday of Easter

EA Cry out with joy (65)
CA I The disciples recognised Jesus (2)
CA IIb The Christ had to suffer (95)
CA IIIc Jesus said to his disciples (77)

Fourth Sunday of Easter

EA The merciful love of the Lord (32)
CA The Good Shepherd has risen (33)

Fifth Sunday of Easter

EA O sing a new song to the Lord (97)
CA I am the true vine (79)15

Sixth Sunday of Easter

EA Proclaim a joyful sound (65)
CA If you love me (24)

Ascension of the Lord


EA You kingdoms of the earth (67)
CA Christ, offerings a single sacrifice (109)


EA Men of Galillee (95)
CA Behold, I am with you always (45)

Seventh Sunday of Easter

EA O Lord, hear my voice (26)
CA Father, I pray (121)

Pentecost Sunday


EA The love of God (62)
CA On the last day of the festival (42)


EA I The Spirit of the Lord (Jdt 16)
EA II The love of God (102)
CA They were all filled (110)