The Weekdays of Advent fall into 2 distinct periods. In the latter half, the week before Christmas, the liturgy is proper to each day (from 17–24 December). At the beginning of Advent the antiphons are arranged in a weekly cycle.

Advent — Weekdays

Weekdays before 17 December


EA Hear the word of the Lord (95)
CA Come, O Lord (105)


EA Behold, the Lord will come (96)
CA The Just Judge (71)


EA The Lord will come (96)
CA Behold, our Lord will come (33)


EA You, O Lord, are close (118)
CA Let us live justly (129)


EA Behold, the Lord will come (71)
CA We await a saviour (95)


EA Come and show us your face (79)
CA Behold, I am coming soon (33)

17–24 December

17 December

EA Rejoice, O heavens (Is 49)
CA Behold, the Desired of all nations will come (62)

18 December

EA Christ our King is coming (95)
CA His name will be called Emmanuel (45)

19 December

EA He who is to come will come (26)
CA The Dawn from on high (84)

20 December

EA A branch will sprout (71)
CA The Angel said to Mary (Luke 1)

21 December

EA The Lord and Ruler will be coming soon (45)
CA Blessed are you (118)

22 December

EA O gates, lift high your heads (22)
CA My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord (Luke 1)

23 December

EA A child shall be born for us (71)
CA Behild, I stand at the door and knock (Sir. 14)

24 December

EA Behold, when the fullness of time (21)
CA Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel (Luke 1)

The numbers in brackets refer to the psalm verses.